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Montage of Long Island TSA
Long Island's Tourette Association: Founding Youth Ambassador Jennifer Zwilling with Hillary Clinton, Steven Argenzio with Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, Shoshana Rabinowitz & Tyler Bloch with Congressman Steve Isreal, LI-TSA Youth Ambassadors.

The Tourette Association of America, is the only national voluntary non-profit membership organization in this field. Its mission is to identify the cause of, find the cure for and control the effects of Tourette and Tic Disorders. Today, Tourette Association of America has grown into a major national health-related organization with approximately 50 U.S. Chapters and 300 support groups, and International Contacts around the world.

The Long Island Chapter of the Tourette Association, also known as LI-TSA is run by volunteers. Our mission is to provide help (at the community level) to families affected by Tourette and Tic Disorders by providing services to its members in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

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Long Island's very own Jen Zwilling-Founder of the Youth Ambassador Program and Jane Zwilling, Psy.D travel to Northern Ireland to Present the Youth Ambassador Program


Long Island's very own Jen Zwilling-Founder of the Youth Ambassador Program, along with Jane Zwilling, Psy.D presented the Youth Ambassador Program in Northern Ireland to teens at the first conference of the the newly formed Northern Ireland Tourette Alliance.
US Youth Ambassadors from Texas, Florida and Greater NY State were there as well assisting with the presentation.
The Northern Ireland teens were wonderful and so very grateful for the presentation.
Other representatives from the TAA including Sue Conners Chapter Chair from Greater New York, Tanya Harrington from TAA Florida and Lisa Henry from TAA Texas were also presenters at the conference.
It was an incredible experience for all, and what are sure to be lasting friendships and bonds were established!
Thank you to all the Northern Ireland families, to all of the wonderful kids from both countries, and to all of the fantastic speakers who volunteered their time for a wonderful experience!


YAs Chris Alessandri and Ben Rabinowitz presented at an in-service at LIJ Valley Stream Hospital/Department of Psychiatry with Dr. Budman, Sana Shad and Kate Callan. Attendees included staff of the In-Patient Psychiatry Unit at LIJ Valley Stream Hospital of Northwell Health.

Northwell Health

Pictured right to left back row:
Sana Shad-TS CoE at Northwell Health Patient Navigator, Dr. Cathy Budman, Director TS CoE at Northwell Health, YA Ben Rabinowitz, Dr. Stacy Yearwood-Chairperson of In-Patient Psychiatry at LIJ Valley Stream, YA Chris Alessandri, Kate Callan-Co-Chair LI TA and
Advisory Board Member of TS CoE at Northwell Health

Front row: Nurse- In-Patient Psychiatry LIJ Valley Stream


Thank you to everyone who came out to support Family Fun Day!


And a special, heartfelt thanks to those of you who volunteered long hours of your time before, during and after  to help make our annual awareness/fundraiser event such a great success!

We couldn’t have done it without you! 

We hope you had as much fun as we did!!

and please enjoy & watch this video...


Click HERE to see the photo album!

Click HERE to see even more pictures!

Youth Ambassadors Kicking off TS Awareness Month with a Presentation in Sayville School District!

Pictured from left to right:
Youth Ambassador (YA) Mary Gregorian, YA Liam Garbus, YA Jake Gilbert, Kalee Cummings and YA Tyler Bloch



CDC/CBIT Workshop presented at

Hofstra University

was a huge success!

With the collaboration of the Tourette Association of America, the TS Center of Excellence at Northshore Hospital/Northwell Health, Hofstra University Clinical Psychology Program and Long Island TAA a CDC/CBIT workshop was presented by Dr. Sabine Wilhelm from Harvard University/Massachusetts General Hospital on April 29th to 98 attendees.

The audience consisted of Clinical Psychology students as well as physicians, psychologists and allied health professionals from Northwell Health. The workshop was enthusiastically received and we are hearing an increased interest from local professionals in now becoming trained and certified as CBIT providers.


Dr. Sabine Wilhelm, Chief of Psychology, Harvard Medical School/ Director, OCD and Related Disorders Program, Massachusetts General Hospital


Pictured left to right:
Dr. Jane Zwilling, Co-Director TS Center of Excellence at Northshore Hospital/Northwell Health, Co-chair LI-TAA,
Dr. Cathy Budman, Director of TS Center of Excellence at Northshore Hospital/Northwell Health,
Dr. Sabine Wilhelm, Chief of Psychology, Harvard Medical School/ Director, OCD and Related Disorders Program, Massachusetts General Hospital, Marc Scullin, Manager of Research & Medical Programs Tourette Association of America, Dr. William Sanderson, Professor of Psychology/ Director, PhD Program in Clinical Psychology at Hofstra University



A Call To Action

Please share your stories!

Our chapter is collaborating with National on a call to action to support families that can’t afford specialists who don’t take insurance. As a first step, we plan to visit local officials here on Long Island, and chapter leaders and Youth Ambassadors participating in the National Advocacy Day in DC on March 10th will visit representatives there with the stories. Personal stories that relate the very real difficulties and hardships that arise from not being able to afford the specialists our children require really do have an impact on the officials who read or hear them. If you have a story to share, please send it to Longisland.tsa@gmail.com by March 5th (earlier is better!). Also, please let us know who your representative is.

~ You can find that information here ~

Finally, taking an active role in affecting change is a very empowering thing. Many of our members go alone or in groups to visit their representatives on or around National Advocacy Day on March 10th. Each and every one of them has told us how wonderful the experience was. It is mind expanding and energizing to participate in the process of government in this way. If you would like to visit a representative in March, please contact us at LongIsland.tsa@gmail.com. We will tell you all you need to know to make this exciting experience as successful as it can be.

Thank you!

A BIG THANK YOU to members Joe Leahy and Michael Gross who will be visiting Kathleen Rice’s office on March 10th with stories to advocate for Tourette! Alternatively, if anyone from that district has a story you would like them to bring, please type it up, perhaps add a photo, and send it to us at longIsland.tsa@gmail.com.

We do not yet have anyone visiting these offices for National Advocacy Day. Please step up to the plate and make an appointment! You will be so very empowered buy the experience. And, be sure to let us know if you make an appointment.

Congressman Lee Zelden – Eastern LI
Riverhead Office - (631) 209-4235
Patchogue Office - (631) 289-1027
Congressman Peter King – South Mid Island
Massapequa Office - (516) 541-4225
Congressman Steve Israel – Northwest, North Mid Island
Great Neck Office - (516) 505-1448


CICK HERE to hear from attendees why they feel it’s so important to attend the National Education and Advocacy Conference! All the necessary “how to” information can be found HERE .


Please download these documents and they should answer most questions you might have.


If you would like to attend, please fill out THIS FORM


Youth Ambassador Chris Alessandri joined Dr. Cathy Budman-Director of the Tourette Center of Excellence at North Shore Hospital, Northwell Health, presenting to First Year Psychiatry Fellows. The Doctors were extremely interested in Chris's perspective as he did a wonderful job presenting practical and helpful information!


Seated on the left-YA Chris Alessandri with Dr. Cathy Budman standing behind him, with First Year Psychiatry Fellows

breaking barriers

Long Island YA Dylan Brady will be speaking at the Atlanta Tourette Syndrome Conference on June 4, 2016 at the Atlanta Marriott Perimeter Hotel.
For more information, please CLICK HERE

Outreach / Education Mission

As part of the outreach/education mission of the TS Center of Excellence at North Shore Hospital, Northwell Health, two in-services took place this month.

- Dr.Budman, Dr. Zwilling and Sana Shad, spoke to Pediatric Neurology Staff on January 8th at Cohen's Childrens Hospital




Sana Shad-Patient

Navagator National TS Center of Excellence at Northwell Health,

Dr. Cathy Budman,

Director of National TS Center of Excellence at Northwell Health,

at Pediatric Neurology Staff In-Service


-And Dr. Budman, Dr. Zwilling, Sana Shad along with Youth Ambassadors Ben Rabinowitz and Steven Argenzio, and Adult Ambassador David K. presented to 43 psychiatry staff members at South Oaks Hospital on January 13th.




Dr. Cathy Budman-Director of National TS Center of Excellence at Northwell Health, Steven Argenzio-Youth Ambassador, David K. Adult Ambassador, Ben Rabinowitz-Youth Ambassador, Dr. Jane Zwilling-Co-Chair LI TAA and Co-Director- National TS Center of Excellence at Northwell Health, Sana Shad-Pateint Navigator, National TS Center of Excellence at Northwell Health at South Oaks


Congratulations and Thank You to our

2015 Youth Service Award Recipients

Service Award

Pictured from left to right:

Sammy Scileppi, Tyler Bloch, Max Henin, Chad Katzelnich, Eric Brett,

Chris Alessandri, Ben Rabinowitz and Shoshana Rabinowiz


Outstanding Service Award Recipients for their dedication as Youth Ambassadors and Buddies:

Tyler Bloch, Samathan Scileppi, Ben Rabinowitz

and Shoshana Rabinowitz


Outstanding Service Award Recipients for their dedication as Youth Ambassadors:

Steven Argenzio, Dylan Brady


Youth Service Award Recipients for their dedication as Youth Ambassadors:
Chris Alessandri, Samuel Gil, Jake Gilbert, Jack Muise


Youth Service Award Recipients for their dedication as Buddies:

Aaron Berley, Eric Brett, Max Henin, Chad Katzelnich, Max Rudolph


Youth Community Service Award:

Melanie Lazaroaie


Outstanding Community Service Awards were presented to:


The Alessandri Family
-Denise, John, Matt and Chris

and to

The League Family
-Josephine, Marc, Charles and Chris

With heartfelt appreciation for their dedication, commitment and service to our community and to all those touched by Tourette Syndrome.


Long Island Tourette Association celebrated the end of another very successful year of support, education and advocacy at our final meeting of 2015 on December 7th, at the DeMatteis Center in Greenvale.


By all accounts, the fun and games were thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. There was a great turnout, and we thank all of those who attended, and shared in all the festivities and refreshments.



At a ceremony on December 14th, Monte Redman, CEO of Astoria Bank, Founding Sponsor for the National Tourette Association Center of Excellence at North Shore-LIJ Health System presented funding in the amount of $100,000 to the Center.

The founding funding will help to facilitate the development of high-quality, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary care approaches for Tourette and Tic Disorders at the The Center of Excellence (CofE). The CofE will also seek to advance research, improve understanding and build awareness of the conditions among patients, care providers and the general public.


Pictured from left to right:
Monte Redman

CEO-Astoria Bank;

Dr. Cathy Budman

Co-Director Tourette Association CofE

at North Shore/LIJ Health System;

Dr. Jane Zwilling

Co-Director Tourette Association CofE

at North Shore/LIJ Health System;

Kate Callan

Advisory Board Member of CofE

at North Shore/LIJ Health System;

Anthony Cernera

Major Gift Officer

at North Shore-LIJ Health System;

Sana Shad

Patient Navigator -Tourette Association CofE

at North Shore/LIJ Health System


2016 National Tourette Annual Gala

Zwilling Family


(Click the picture to see the Slideshow!)

The Long Island Chapter's very own Zwilling Family was honored for their collective and immeasurable contributions to the global Tourette Community at the National Tourette Association’s Annual gala on November 16th at the Pierre Hotel in NYC. Board members, youth ambassadors and other chapter members, along with all the other many guests, enjoyed a delightful evening celebrating this very special occasion. The speeches by the Zwillings and by the Youth Ambassadors, many of which had been previously videotaped, were so heartfelt and poignant, leaving the audience with tears of joy and appreciation. Seeing the gathering of Youth Ambassadors on the stage, and hearing them relate their experiences with the program, and how much those experiences have contributed to the brilliant successes they enjoy now, really brought home the great value of this fantastic program. It serves the community in so many ways, educating society, peers and educators, but also lifting these teens to higher heights and helping them to reach their potential in ways that likely would have eluded them but for their role as Youth Ambassadors. We are proud and honored to have this brilliant family among us. Thank you, Zwillngs!


Chocolate Works


Our 2nd Social of the year at

Chocolate Works

in Manhasset was a great success!

The children chose their own chocolate molds to fill and then decorate, learned about the machines used in the store, and also got to dip some marshmallows into the flowing chocolate fountain!   The parents were envious of all the yummy fun but loved seeing their children's smiling chocolate smeared faces!


Gary Frank

On November 13th-14th the New York State Centers of Excellence Consortium held it's first conference in Ithaca, New York.

This landmark event co-sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Tourette Association of America included Directors and Co-Directors from the four New York State designated National Centers of Excellence for Tourette Syndrome: North Shore-LIJ Health System (Cathy Budman, MD and Jane Zwilling, Psy.D), Icahn School of Medicine (Barbara Coffey, MD), Weil Cornell School of Medicine (John Walkup, MD and Shannon Bennett Ph.D.), and University of Rochester School of Medicine (Jon Mink, MD, Ph.D. and Heather Adams, Ph.D.) along with the leadership from New York’s five Tourette Association Chapters including Long Island's Kate Callan, Hudson Valley, New York City, Greater Western New York and Rochester. Over 65 primary care clinicians, including many family physicians and pediatricians, attended this conference which is part of the Consortium’s initiative to improve awareness and healthcare delivery for the Tourette community statewide.

The center photo is to honor Mr. Gary Frank ACSW LCSW & former Executive Vice President from the Tourette Association of America who recently died and was a pioneer in advancing the now longstanding partnership between the Center for Disease Control and Tourette Association of America.


Our first social of the year was a great success!


We spent a beautiful fall afternoon at HorseAbility, a therapeutic riding facility on the grounds of SUNY Old Westbury. Our kids learned about caring and feeding the horses and enjoyed petting, brushing and even talking to them. The highlight of the day was when the children climbed up on the horses, learned the basics of riding and were able to take the horses for a long walk and trot around the pastures. It was a wonderful experience for parents, children and horses alike!


Please join OCD NY for an OCD Awareness community Event

October 15, 2015 6pm-8pm
Elizabeth Sloman Lowenstein Auditorium Zucker Hillside Hospital
Elizabeth Sloman Lowenstein Building
Sloman Auditorium, 2nd
Zucker Hillside Hospital
75-59 263 Street
Glen Oaks, NY 11004

Join OCD NY for an evening filled with information about OCD and related disorders. Various experts will share their knowledge and experiences in working with patients, as well as provide information on symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and resources.

Time will be dedicated to audience questions.
This free event is open to people struggling with these disorders, loved ones, and professionals.

Cathy Budman, M.D.
North Shore/LIJ
Fugen Neziroglu, Ph.D.
OCD New York Bio Behavioral Institute
Jane Zwilling, Psy.D.
Tourette Association of America Long Island Chapter
Anthony Pinto, Ph.D.
North Shore/LIJ
Sony Khemlani-Patel, Ph.D.
OCD New York Bio Behavioral Institute
Laura Braider, Ph.D.
North Shore/LIJ
John Christman, M.D.
North Shore/LIJ

For more information please feel free to contact us:

(516) 487-7116





Research Opportunity in Tourette Syndrome

The Tourette Association has a great opportunity to advocate to be potentially included in federal legislation known as, H.R.292/S.849 The Advancing Research for Neurological Diseases Act.

Prevalence data on Tourette Syndrome in children is inconclusive and contains conflicting results. In addition, there is little to no information on the impact of the disorder in adults. This bill could establish the prevalence of Tourette and help close the gap between identified and undetected cases, especially among ethnic and racial minority populations in the U.S. The bill could also provide for surveillance of Tourette in the U.S. that could provide insights into the long-suspected environment role in the development of the disorder.

Send Congress a letter of support for this bill and invite your Senators to attend an educational briefing to learning more on this issue. On September 16, 2015 the Tourette Association, Parkinson's Action Network and the MS Society along with 8 other Neurological Disease Associations will be holding a Briefing on H.R. 292/S. 849 The Advancing Research for Neurological Diseases Act.


Click Here to invite Congressional staff to attend this important briefing to learn about Tourette and S. 849.


Tourette Advocacy for Student and Education Services

Since 2006, Members of the Tourette Association have witnessed the powerful role policy has in supporting students with disabilities when Tourette Syndrome was included within the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). As Congress discusses ways in which to improve the education system and hold students and teachers accountable we invite you to voice your concerns and relay 3 specific recommendations on how to meet the needs of students with Tourette and Tic Disorders.


Click Here To Advocate for Education Services Now!





We are happy to announce the 2016 Tourette Association Youth Ambassador Training will be held Tuesday, March 8 through Thursday, March 10 at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, VA.

The Youth Ambassador Training is a comprehensive training aimed at creating exceptional teen leaders and Tourette advocates. Youth Ambassadors will receive guidance on public speaking, on how to give a concise presentation on TS and presentation logistics. The Training also includes participation in the Tourette Association's annual National Advocacy Day.

The Tourette Association seeks at least one teen and parent/guardian team from each Tourette Association chapter (or at least one team per state not served by a Tourette Association chapter) to attend. Please

click here

for more information & the application. Applications are due
Friday, November 6, 2015.


LI's Dr. Budman at World Congress on Tourette and Tic Disorders



LI's Dr. Budman, at the recent World Congress on Tourette and Tic Disorders in London, England (in center of photograph), with Professor Mary Robertson, Emeritus Prof Neuropsychiatry UCL, Visiting Prof & Hon Consultant St Georges Hospital London, England with other female Tourette specialists from around the world,

all who were mentored by

Dr. Robertson.

At the World Congress on Tourette and Tic Disorders, Dr. Budman presented a poster entitled “Tourette Syndrome in African Americans: Rare or rarely diagnosed” ; was a co-author on a number of other posters featuring new findings in genetics; and along with four other international TS experts, Dr. Budman's work was selected for a Symposium on Anxiety and Mood Disorders.



Thank you to everyone who came out to support our

Family Fun Day

on Saturday, and a special thanks to those of you who volunteered

long hours of your time before the event and at the event itself to

help make our annual fundraiser such a great success!

We couldn’t have done it without you!

We hope you had as much fun as we did!!





Check back soon to see the Photo Album!



~ Thank you ~

to everyone who came out to join and support us on the annual

Tourette Awareness Walk!
We were so happy that the weather held. It was a glorious spring day, and a great opportunity to chat as we walked through the lovely park. We had free access to the zoo and Science Museum as well! Truly a fine time.
After the walk, James Durbin thrilled participants with an exciting solo performance!
The day was made even brighter because our chapter came in second place for donations, raising $3,354.00!
Way to go Team Long Island Tourette Association!

Special thanks to our Long Island Team members who did an incredible job fund-raising!
Congratulations to our LI Youth Ambassadors who were the top team fundraisers!!
Chris Alessandri $1186
Samuel Gil $1,077
Jack Muise $538

And huge thank you to ----

Maria Pusateri $348
Lisa Filippi $ 151
Cynthia Purschke $26
Margarita Velez $26

Finally, ....


CONGRATULATIONS to Billy Reilly from Team Long Island who crossed the Finish Line first!
(even though he made an incorrect turn and put more milage on his run!)

Billy will be competing in a Triathlon this coming weekend in San Francisco and funds raised are designated for Long Island Tourette Association!
Wishing Billy the best of luck next weekend...and we will keep you posted on the results!

Your Friends, the Board of Long Island Tourette Association


ya's and Schumer

TSA Youth Ambassadors, Board Members, Chapter Leaders and NY Constituents with New York Senator Charles Schumer

On March 23 and 24, TSA trained over 40 new Youth Ambassador teams from across the country in Arlington, VA and prepared them for National Advocacy Day in Washington DC on March 25. This trip marks the Association's largest, most successful Advocacy Day to date, with over 180 TSA Chapter leaders, Youth Ambassadors and members participating in a total of 169 meetings with 65 Senate Offices, including with New York Senator Charles Schumer, and 104 House of Representatives Offices. You can read more about Advocacy Day here.

LI TSA extends a huge heartfelt thank you to

John Halligan


for his powerful and extremely informative presentation today at the Rusk Auditorium of NSLIJ. This presentation launched what we hope will become a series of presentations sponsored by LI-TSA and the Tourette Syndrome Center of Excellence at NSLIJ. Mr. Halligan's presentation on bullying, cyber bullying and teen suicide provided the audience with valuable information, insight and thought-provoking discussion on a topic that is so very relevant in today’s society. The tools he also provided will certainly aid all attendees in dealing with these very serious issues in their families and in schools. Thank you Mr. Halligan!

Please click the following links for downloads from the Workshop:

18 rules for the Cell Phone

Tips for parents




to Dr. Alyson H. Sheehan, from the ASPIRE Center for Learning and Development, in Melville, for her inspiring presentation today! Dr. Sheehan spoke on the intricacies of engendering social skills in children and adolescents with developmental delays. Social deficits are a recurring theme in individuals with TS, and many of the points raised at the talk resonated with families in the audience. Dr. Sheehan answered many questions and shared much valuable insight with our chapter members. We hope to have her speak again in the future, focusing on disruptive behaviors, which is one of her specialties. Thank you, Dr. Sheehan.

Dr. Sheehan has graciously offered to share her powerpoint presentation with us. It will be posted on the ASPIRE website



Thank you to all those who came out to hear the informative presentation by Dr. Christman. The insight he shared from his expertise with OCD was so greatly appreciated, and will help many of our members have a greater understanding of these issues. We are so excited and so appreciative that Dr. Christman has agreed to come back and we look forward to hearing his presentation on Anxiety.

Dr. Christman



~ Pooch Social ~

Everyone had an amazing time interacting, playing games and doing activities with certified therapy dogs at the DogAbility Center! Everyone also enjoyed the opportunity to mingle and have pizza, drinks and dessert


Pooch Social


Thank you for all of you who came out and enjoyed bagels, juice, soda, pop corn, catching up and lots of laughs watchingAlexander and the Terrible, Horrible, NO Good, Very Bad Day



LI-TSA expresses its sincere appreciation to

Candy Bodner

for her very informative workshop on Preparing For College. The information was extremely well received and all attendees were so grateful for the helpful handouts, strategies and timetable discussed to begin this journey!

Call for input regarding possible adult support/social meetings

In response to several inquiries, and in an effort to reach and serve all members of our Long Island Community, LI-TSA is considering arranging occasional support group meetings and/or socials for adults with TS. Before we can move forward with these plans, we need to get a good understanding of the needs in our community, and the types of activities individuals are looking for.

If you or someone you know would be interested in participating in an adult support group or social, and/or have ideas about the type of activity you would find useful and appealing, as well as the frequency, please contact us at:



New Research Program for Children and Adolescents with Tourette's Disorder

Tourette’s Syndrome is a neurological disorder involving motor tics (eye-blinking, mouth movements, head jerks, shoulder shrugs and arm/leg jerks) and/or vocal tics (fast meaningless sounds or noises, grunting, barks, shouting out single words or sentences, or repeating words) that start in childhood and persist over time.

Patients with mild symptoms of Tourette’s Syndrome are treated with behavioral techniques, but more troublesome cases require the use of drugs. Also, the diagnosis and treatment of Tourette’s Syndrome is complicated due to additional conditions including attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), anxiety, and depression. These problems often require patients with Tourette’s to receive other medicines as well.

While the exact cause of Tourette’s Syndrome is unknown, disturbances in the chemicals controlling the nerves in the brain (neurotransmitters) are thought to play a major role. . Your child is invited to take part in a new clinical research program sponsored by Psyadon Pharmaceuticals which is using PSYRX101, a synthetic drug, where the active ingredient it Ecopipam, that acts as to stop the actions of one of these neurotransmitters and to help relieve the symptoms of Tourette's.

Dr. Cathy Budman’s practice, in collaboration with the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, is seeking those with a diagnosis of Tourette’s Syndrome and are willing to participate in this novel approach at treating tics in children and adolescents.

You CAN participate if you:

  1. Have Tourette’s Syndrome
  2. Exhibit both motor and vocal tics
  3. Are male or female, ages 7 through 17 x Weigh over 20kg (45lbs)

You CANNOT participate if you:

  1. Have a history of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or other psychotic disorders
  2. Have a history of attempted suicide
  3. Have had a major depressive episode in the past 2 years
  4. Have a history of seizures
  5. Have had a myocardial infarction within the past 6 months
  6. Is a Female who is pregnant or lactating

If your child is currently taking some medicines for their Tourette’s, they may need to stop taking them before they can take part since these other drugs may complicate the test. Please speak with Dr. Budman about what this will mean for your child. If you or someone you know would be interested in participating in this clinical trial, please call: Bibu Jacob, research coordinator, at 516-562-1012 or e-mail at bjacob3@NSHS.edu.

Contact Information

Chrissy Demers, Research Nurse
516 562-1012

Cathy Budman, MD
400 Community Drive
Manhasset, New York 11030
Phone: (516) 562-3223
Fax: (516) 562.3997
Email: cdemers@nshs.edu

~ Thank you ~

to everyone who came out to support Family Fun Day
to help make our annual fundraiser such a great success!
We couldn’t have done it without you!
We hope you had as much fun as we did!!

~ Click Here to see the Family Fun Day album! ~


This event was sponsored by:

Astoria Federal




TEAM TSA National Awareness 5K Walk

Thank you to everyone who came out to walk and support LI-TSA


- With a special thanks to the Alessandri family and their friends for their support!


The Muise family leading a sea of teal...


Dylan and Cody Brady of "The Brady Brothers" from the Long Island Chapter performed along with other entertainers. Here are Dylan and Cody with 2 of their fans - Victoria & Emma


Dr S

With sincere appreciation to Dr. Sonnenklar for sharing her expertise at her very informative Parenting Workshop. The information shared, as well as the interactive discussion, provided all attendees with helpful and inspiring strategies to take home.

Dr. Braider

LI-TSA expresses its heartfelt thanks to

Dr. Laura Braider

who so generously shared her time and considerable expertise with us on Sunday, March 2nd. Chapter members went home with some very effective tools to add to their parenting toolbox, and hope that consistent use of those tools will lead to better self-control and cooperation in their children, and a happier home.

Congratulations to LI TSA's newly trained YAs Jack Muise, Christopher Alessandri, Samantha Scileppi.. All proudly wearing their teal as they lobby on Capitol Hill.

2015 ya's

TSA 2014 National Conference

Trip to the Hill and Youth Ambassador training was a huge success.

national conference

March 20-23, 2014
Crystal Gateway Marriott Arlington, VA



Our very own LI TSA Jen Zwilling, founder of the TSA Youth Ambassador Program, begins the day of training the new group of 47 2014 Youth Ambassador teams!


YA Capitol

Newly trained 2014 YAs Ben Rabinowitz and Jake Gilbert with 2012 YA Steven Argenzio and our 2014 Junior Ambassadors Charles and Chris League



Youth Ambassadors Steven Argenzio and Jackie Beckhardt had the opportunity to spend time with Hollywood star Dash Mihok


A sea of teal took over Capitol Hill today as over 180 Youth Ambassadors, Chapter Leaders and TSA members and families attended a Congressional Luncheon and then had a full day of meetings with their local Representatives to advocate for Tourette Syndrome!


Nowhere else can people come together in a warm, family-like atmosphere to learn from the nation's primary practitioners and researchers in the field, while gaining support, building friendships, and sharing experiences with peers.

The National Conference offers sessions for adults with TS, parents, teens and professionals on a variety of topics grouped by track, as well as provides networking opportunities.

LI TSA had a great Morning at the Movies....

morning at the movies


morning at the movies

as The Lego Movie states....

"everything is awesome"!
Bagels, juice, soda, pop corn, catching up!
We had a theater to ourselves! Priceless!


TSA Holiday Party
~ Thank you ~

to everyone who came out to join in the fun and festivities
of our annual year-end holiday party!
Family members from kids, to parents and grandparents
had a truly merry evening.

(Click the picture above for more pictures!)

~~ On June 5th Dr. Budman Chaired a symposia she organized ~~


The symposia, Tourette Syndrome: What Makes someone Tic,
was part of the Centricity Series, Biomedical Research Symposia at The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research. It was extremely well attended by researchers and physicians and was a great success.
LI TSA extends heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Budman for all she does for those living with TS.


Zwilling & King

Jen Zwilling, founder of the TSA Youth Ambassador Program presenting Representative Peter King with the National TSA Public Policy Award at Congressional Briefing in the Capitol on March 21, 2013

Coming soon: Click Here for more Photos


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We are proud to announce that London Jewelers has designed a beautiful charity bracelet for LI Tourette Association, which is now available online!
LI Tourette Association bracelets will be available for $85, and London Jewelers will be generously donating $50 per bracelet to LI Tourette Association!

To order your bracelet, click on the bracelet above!



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